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Requirements & The Reward


In order to be accepted into this program, applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalent and be sponsored by one of our 21 locations.


Students have the choice to attend either Garden City Community College or Texas State Technical College (TSTC) to complete this program. Both schools have set capacities for their freshman classes, so we encourage all our ag techs to make their decisions early to avoid potential issues with enrollment.


Each student must submit an application to their school of choice and be accepted prior to the start of the fall semester. GCC requires students to provide ACT test scores. Navarro requires the students take Texas Success Initiative (TSI) exam.



Upon successfully completing the John Deere Agricultural Technician Program through Western Equipment, graduates will be able to start working full-time at one of our 21 locations in Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico. These positions will provide graduates with excellent starting pay, benefits, and great work environments as well as ample opportunity to use their newly gained knowledge and skill to grow as not only a technician, but also as an individual.


Contact James Boone for more information on becoming a John Deere Agricultural Technician for Western Equipment at 580.323.0155 or

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