About Western Equipment

A Brand Forged from a Century of Growth

What started out as a family-owned business in 1916 has grown into a multi-location equipment dealership, with 21 locations in Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and a service area that spans much of the southwest. Western Equipment, LLC., has a rich history in the business of agricultural, residential, and commercial equipment, specializing in all types of equipment parts, sales, and service.

On October 1, 2019, Green Country Equipment and Western Equipment merged together to form the current 21 location company. Both Green Country and Western Equipment have a reputation in the ag industry of doing business the right way and have been recognized as top John Deere dealerships in North America. The merger was a natural fit bringing together the Texas panhandle. To learn more about the merger, click here.

Our mission is to provide solutions to our customers and achieve unmatched performance through a mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, employees, and suppliers.

1916 C.J.  Defehr, Corn, Oklahoma

Where WE Came From

In 1916, C.J. Defehr saw a unique opportunity, and opened a John Deere dealership to service the needs of local farmers in and around Corn, Oklahoma. Not long after, in 1923, neighboring businessman Otto Lorenz added the John Deere line to his hardware, grocery, and automobile dealership in Hitchcock, OK.

Over many years, both families' businesses experienced growth and success. They shared the same principles and values when running their businesses, and had a healthy rivalry. However, the unique environment between the competing dealers led to an interesting conversation beween grandsons almost 100 years later. In just five short weeks, the two independently successful family businesses with a mutual respect for one another, joined forces. They combined almost 200 years of experience to create Western Equipment... And never looked back.

Now, Western Equipment has never been stronger. Small beginnings have evolved into  big results. Recognized as one of John Deere's top-tier dealerships, Western Equipment is now focused on a new vision... One of further growth and new ways to provide solutions to our loyal customers. 

Where WE Are Going

Western Equipment's future vision holds exciting and endless possibilities. With more sophisticated and reliable equipment being developed each year, our goal is to continue to provide more value to our customers. Our focus is to educate our customers and help them actualize new technology, further increasing their productivity. And, as technology never stays the same, neither will Western Equipment. Helping our customers implement new strategies and solutions is paramount to their success... And ours!

Another integral part of our future is growth. While we've firmly set roots in western Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle, we will continue to serve our customers with unsurpassed service after the sale. Western Equipment's Parts Department is built on years of experience and a deep understanding of our customers' needs. With large, diverse inventories at each location and the ability to purchase larger quantities, we are able to offer our customers more value.

Western Equipment has come a long way over the last 100 years. The key is listening to and understanding our customers' needs, It's what we've done since day one.

And it's what we'll always do.


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