John Deere RB22 Series


Key Features

  • Manually adjustable angle
  • Reversible cutting edge for longer life
  • Optional end plates hold extra material
  • Optional skid shoes increase cutting edge life

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Width in working position

2.4 m
8 ft

Moldboard length

243.8 cm
96 in.

Moldboard height

48.3 cm
19 in.

Moldboard thickness

0.6 cm
0.25 in.



350.2 kg
772 lb

Shipping per unit

376 kg
829 lb

Tractor requirements

PTO hp (kW)

Maximum (2WD) 59.7 kW
80 hp
Maximum (4WD) 52.2 kW
70 hp

Hydraulic offset kit (hoses and fittings included)

Optional hydraulic offset - up to one hydraulic remotes required


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RB22 Series Rear Blades

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