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New Model Announcement: John Deere P-Tier Skid Steers and CTL's

New Model Announcement: John Deere P-Tier Skid Steers and CTL's
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Say goodbye to the G-Series and hello to the groundbreaking P-Series! Welcome to the Next Generation of John Deere's P Series Skid Steers. 


These machines are set to ship in May 2024. Stay tuned for in-depth videos and reviews, as I'll be diving into the nitty-gritty of these innovative models as soon as they land.


Let's dive into what's new in John Deere's new lineup.




Meet the P Series: A Lineup Like No Other


The P Series introduces five models, each designed to elevate your work efficiency:


330P Wheel Machine: A bridge between the old 330G and 332G, boasting more horsepower and superior hydraulic output.

331P Track Machine: Matching its 331G counterpart, but with significant power and hydraulic system enhancements.

333P Track Machine: Following in the footsteps of the 333G, now with upgraded engine power and hydraulics.

The New Stars - 334P and 335P: Completely new additions, the 334P wheel and 335P track machines feature a robust 118 horsepower engine and a revolutionary hydraulic system with a high flow option of 44 gallons per minute.






Advanced Hydraulics and Customizable Flow


In the 334 and 335 models, the hydraulic flow isn't just standard; it's customizable. With a flow of 44 gallons per minute, adjustments can be made right from the cab's new touchscreen display.



Revolutionary Cab Design: Comfort Meets Technology


Step inside the new P Series cab, and you're welcomed by a world of comfort and tech:


Heated and Ventilated Seats: Keeping you comfortable in all weather conditions.

Adjustable Controls: Tailor the joystick length to fit diverse operator needs.

Updated Joysticks and 8-Inch Display: Forget about cluttered switches and buttons. Customize settings effortlessly from a sleek touchscreen.








The P-Series is more than just new models; it's a leap forward in skid steer technology. From enhanced horsepower to innovative cab designs, John Deere is setting new standards. Keep an eye out for these machines and prepare to experience the future of skid steer technology.


If you have questions about any of the information above or are just more of a visual learner, head over to our YouTube channel and watch our video (also attached below)! Leave a comment or question and receive a personal reply from Brent, our resident John Deere expert. Be sure to subscribe and thanks for reading!