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How to Install a Rear Bumper on a John Deere Z5 Zero-Turn Mower

How to Install a Rear Bumper on a John Deere Z5 Zero-Turn Mower
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The John Deere Z5 mower is a powerhouse in its own right. But, like any machine, it can benefit from some added protection. A rear bumper not only provides that extra layer of safety but also serves as a mounting point for other attachments. Let's walk through the installation process.





In this Kit:

    - Rear bumper
    - Carriage-head bolts and nuts


Tools Needed:

    - 13mm ratchet and socket




Hanging the Bumper

Before starting the installation process, prep the mower by locating the two bolts found on the mower's bottom frame piece, shown here. Remove these bolts using your 13mm socket and set them aside for later use.



As shown here, the bumper included in your rear bumper kit features hooks designed to latch onto the tabs along the side of your mower frame. Align these hooks with the tabs and hang the bumper onto the frame ensuring the bumper rests securely in place.






Securing the Bumper


With the bumper in position, it's time to secure it. Use the carriage-head bolts included in your rear bumper kit to secure the rear bumper to your mower frame. Insert the bolts in the holes near the tabs you just used to hang the rear bumper and secure using the provided nuts. Now, take the bolts you removed earlier and insert them through the holes located at the front of the rear bumper, ensuring they pass through the mower's frame.






Final Steps


With all bolts in place, tighten them securely using your 13mm ratchet and socket. Ensure each bolt is snug to guarantee the bumper's stability, especially if you plan to mount additional attachments.









And that's it! Your John Deere Z5 mower now boasts a sturdy rear bumper, ready to protect your machine and serve as a mounting point for other tools or attachments. This simple addition can significantly enhance your mower's functionality and longevity.


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