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How to Install Hitch Kit on a John Deere Z9 Zero-Turn Mower

How to Install Hitch Kit on a John Deere Z9 Zero-Turn Mower
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The John Deere Z9 mower is a versatile machine, and with the right attachments, its capabilities can be expanded even further. One such attachment is the rear hitch kit, which allows for towing and adding counterweights. In this guide, we'll walk you through the installation process, ensuring a seamless fit for your mower.




In this Kit:

    - Long & short bolts
    - Hitch


Tools Needed:

    - 18mm socket
    - 1/2-inch ratchet
    - 18mm wrench (if counterweights)
    - 21mm wrench (if no counterweights)



Know Your Mower's Setup


Before beginning installation, it's essential to understand your mower's setup. The John Deere Z9 Zero-Turn Mower can come with or without counterweights at the rear. If your mower doesn't have counterweights, the installation process will differ slightly, as you won't have the pre-existing stud bolts. Reference the list above for the tools needs for the proper hitch kit instatllation on your mower type.






Installing the Hitch Kit


Begin by locating the stud bolts at the rear of the mower, shown here. Since the mower we are working with here inlcudes counterweights, we will be using an 18mm socket and 21mm wrench to remove the nuts and washers from the stud bolts (NOTE: If your mower does not include counterweights, you will use both an 18mm socket and wrench).





Once removed, position the hitch plate over the studs and reattach the nuts and washers. Tighten them securely, ensuring the hitch plate is firmly in place. With the hitch plate securely attached, you can now use your socket and ratchet wrench once again to ensure everything is securely tightened into place.



Once installed, your John Deere Z9 Zero-Turn Mower's towing capacity is significantly improved. The hitch can support a weight of 70 pounds on top, and when it comes to towing, it can pull up to 400 pounds. This makes it perfect for pulling it's weight with various tasks around your property.






The rear hitch kit is a valuable addition to your John Deere Z9 mower, enhancing its versatility and making it even more useful for a range of tasks. With a simple installation process and significant benefits, it's an upgrade worth considering. If you're looking to purchase this hitch kit, the part number is BUC10300.


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