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John Deere 1025R: Understanding ALL Grease Points

John Deere 1025R: Understanding ALL Grease Points
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When it comes to maintaining your John Deere 1025R tractor, understanding where and how to apply grease is vital for its longevity and efficient operation. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the various grease points, offering advice on the frequency of greasing and the type of grease to use.





Loader Grease Points


If your 1025R is equipped with a loader, note that there are six grease points on each side. These include two points at the front, two in the middle, and two at the rear near the tractor's mounting points. It's important to remember that the points are mirrored on both sides of the loader.






Power Steering and Drive Line Points


Underneath the tractor, the number of grease points varies based on the age and equipment setup of your tractor. All 1025Rs will have points on the power steering cylinder, which should be checked and maintained regularly. Additionally, there are four universal grease points found on every model: two on the four-wheel drive shaft and two on the main drive shaft. These points are critical for the smooth operation of your tractor.








Additional Points for Belly Mower Equipped Models


For tractors equipped with the drive-over quick connect system for a belly mower, there are three additional grease points related to this attachment. These include one at the U joint connecting to the shaft under the machine, one in the middle of the shaft, and one at the other U joint connecting to the deck shaft.






Choosing the Right Grease and Tools


John Deere recommends using either their SD polyurea or HD lithium complex grease. While these are ideal choices, ensuring you use a high-quality grease is more important than the brand. As for the grease gun, any standard type will do the job. The focus should be on regular maintenance rather than the specific tool used.


According to the operator's manual, it's recommended to grease these points every 50 hours of operation. However, if you engage in heavy loader work, you might consider greasing those points more frequently.





Regular greasing of your John Deere 1025R is not just about immediate performance; it's about extending the life of your tractor. By following these guidelines, paying attention to the specific grease points, and adhering to a regular maintenance schedule, you ensure that your tractor remains a reliable workhorse for years to come.


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