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John Deere 4-Series Tractors: Understanding ALL Grease Points

John Deere 4-Series Tractors: Understanding ALL Grease Points
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If you’re looking to keep your John Deere 4 Series tractor, specifically the 4M’s and 4R’s, humming along, then rolling up your sleeves and getting familiar with its grease points is non-negotiable. Even with slight variations across different models, the fundamentals remain the same. Let’s dig into the details.





Loader Grease Points


The loader will likely be where you start, and for good reason. It's where the bulk of the action happens. Here's what to look for:


Mounting Frame: Two grease points on each side where the loader attaches to the tractor.

Knuckle: This is the loader's elbow, so to speak, and has two points on each side for your greasing pleasure.

Quick Attach Coupler: The business end of the loader where it connects to your attachments, featuring two more points.


These 12 grease points (six on each side) are pivotal (pun intended) to maintaining the fluid motion and reducing the wear and tear on the moving parts.






Front Axle Grease Points


Moving on to the front axle, there are two essential grease points that contribute to your tractor’s ride comfort:


Front Trunnion: Just beneath the grill, where the magic happens to keep the axle flexing correctly.

Back Trunnion: On the driver's side front wheel, peek behind into the cast piece to find this gem.


These points on the axle should be tended to every 50 hours to maintain that sweet ride stability and comfort.




Three-Point Hitch Grease Points


The three-point hitch is straightforward with just two grease points, one on each arm. A little attention here means smooth lifting and lowering, vital for any task you're tackling with attachments.






Maintenance Frequency and Usage

While every 50 hours is a good benchmark, if you're working your tractor hard or the loader is your daily companion, stepping up the frequency is wise. For those in heavy use, a 10-hour grease interval for the loader is not overdoing it—it's ensuring longevity.


When it comes to grease, not all are created equal. Any machine grease might do the trick, but for optimal performance, John Deere recommends their SD polyurea or HD lithium complex grease. They're tough, they're durable, and they're designed to keep your tractor in the game for the long haul.





Greasing may not be glamorous, but it’s the bedrock of maintaining your John Deere 4 Series tractor. With this guide, you’re set to keep everything moving smoothly, ensuring your machine stands the test of time.


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