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John Deere 5E 3-Cylinder Tractors: Understanding ALL Grease Points

John Deere 5E 3-Cylinder Tractors: Understanding ALL Grease Points
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Keeping your John Deere 5E series tractor in peak condition is a top priority for any hardworking owner. If you're rolling up your sleeves ready to give some TLC to your 5050E, 5060E, 5067E, or 5075E model, you've come to the right place. This guide zeroes in on the grease points that need your attention to keep your tractor running smoothly, especially if you're using a loader.






If your machine is outfitted with a loader, you've got additional maintenance points to consider. Typically, a loader will present you with six grease points on each side—yes, that's twelve in total. These are usually split into three key areas: pivot points, pins that experience movement, and lubrication points critical for smooth operation.



Front Axle Grease Points


For those without a loader, we start our maintenance journey at the front axle. On an MFWD (mechanical front-wheel drive) tractor, four grease points demand your attention:


Steering Pins: Located by the wheels on both sides, these points keep your steering sharp and responsive.


Axle Pivot Points: You'll find one dead center under the hood and another on the back side of the axle on the right-hand side—these points give your axle the flexibility it needs for stability and a comfortable ride.






Rear Grease Points


Moving to the rear, five grease points await:


Inside Each Wheel: One on the inside of each rear wheel ensures your tractor's wheels turn without a hitch.


Three-Point Linkage Arms: With one on the left arm and two on the right, these points keep your linkage moving freely.


The golden rule for greasing? If your tractor is working hard, keep those points well-lubricated to prevent unnecessary wear and tear. A simple task, but vital. And while any grease might do in a pinch, John Deere's own SD polyurea or HD lithium complex grease come highly recommended for their durability and performance in harsh conditions.







Maintenance might seem mundane, but it’s essential. Knowing where and how to grease your John Deere 5E 3-cylinder tractor is key to longevity and reliability. With this guide, you're well-equipped to keep your tractor in field-ready condition.

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