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John Deere Easy Change Oil System vs Standard Lawn Mower Oil Filter

John Deere Easy Change Oil System vs Standard Lawn Mower Oil Filter
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When it comes to maintaining your lawnmower, the oil filter system plays a pivotal role. One of the most frequently asked questions we get revolves around John Deere's Easy Change Oil System. With many mowers now equipped with this feature, it's essential to understand its efficiency and how it compares to the traditional oil filter system.




Understanding the John Deere Easy Change Oil System


The Easy Change Oil System is a pre-loaded canister filter system that comes with 0.8 quarts of oil, ready for use. The beauty of this system lies in its simplicity. When it's time for an oil change, you just remove the old canister and replace it with a new one. This new oil then mixes with the remaining oil in the engine. Given that most of these lawnmowers hold about two quarts of oil, this means 1.2 quarts remain in the engine, mixing with the new 0.8 quarts from the filter.



Comparing the Filters


To provide a clear comparison, I dissected both the standard oil filter and the Easy Change Oil System. The standard filter, an AM125424, is a common choice for many John Deere mowers. When dissected, it revealed a thin layer of filter medium, designed for annual changes or every 50 hours, along with a complete oil change.


On the other hand, the Easy Change Oil System, when opened, showcased a significantly larger filter medium. The most striking difference was the amount of filtration pleating. The Easy Change system had double the amount of filtration surface compared to the standard filter. This means it offers more extensive filtration, which is crucial since it has to filter 1.2 quarts of used oil along with the new oil.






The Verdict


The results are clear. While the standard oil filter system requires a complete oil change, the Easy Change Oil System, with its enhanced filtration capacity, ensures efficient filtering even when mixed with used oil. John Deere's commitment to rigorous testing and quality assurance is evident in this product. The Easy Change Oil System has been on the market since 2022, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.




If you're looking for efficiency and a time-saving solution, the Easy Change Oil System is a worthy contender. With double the filtration pleats, it's designed to handle the demands of both new and used oil, ensuring your mower runs smoothly and efficiently.


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