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Your Guide to the FT 975 Fuel Trailer by WG Manufacturing

Your Guide to the FT 975 Fuel Trailer by WG Manufacturing
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In the world of fuel management, finding the right trailer can make all the difference. That's where the WG Manufacturing FT 975 Fuel Trailer comes into play. Designed with precision and built for efficiency, this trailer offers a combination of strength, capacity, and customization that sets it apart. Let's break down what makes the FT 975 a must-have for those in need of a reliable fuel transportation solution.






Design and Durability


Starting with the basics, the FT 975 boasts a sturdy 2 and 5/16 inch coupler, ensuring compatibility with standard towing setups. The adjustable coupler, alongside a 6-inch channel frame, provides the backbone for this heavy-duty trailer, ready to handle the substantial weight of 975 gallons of fuel.






Functionality and Flexibility


Key to its design is the inclusion of internal baffles within the 7 gauge steel tank, minimizing fuel movement and enhancing stability. The front storage basket adds utility, while the option to add a DE tank system caters to specific operational needs.






Performance Enhancements


Standard with a 12V, 25 GPM pump, the FT 975 ensures efficient fuel transfer. For those seeking more power, an upgrade to a Honda engine pump system is available, enhancing flow rates and operational flexibility.






Undercarriage and Mobility


Equipped with two 7,000-pound axles and radial 10-ply tires, the FT 975 is designed for durability and stability across various terrains. Customization options for tires and rims allow for further tailoring to specific requirements.



Safety and Compliance


From the vented fuel cap to the emergency shut-off valve and comprehensive placarding, the FT 975 meets regulatory standards while prioritizing safety and convenience. The inclusion of lifting hooks and a document holder emphasizes its utility in professional settings.











The WG Manufacturing FT 975 Fuel Trailer represents a blend of robust construction, thoughtful design, and customizable options, making it a versatile choice for efficient fuel management. Whether for agricultural, construction, or industrial use, the FT 975 delivers reliability and performance where it counts.


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