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How to Clean Your Lawn Mower Air Filters

How to Clean Your Lawn Mower Air Filters
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Are you looking to extend the life of your lawn mower's air filters? While many might consider replacing them, cleaning can be an efficient and cost-effective alternative. In this guide, we'll delve into the simple steps to clean your lawn mower air filters, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for your John Deere equipment.



Understanding Your Lawn Mower's Air Filters


Most riding lawn equipment and push mowers come equipped with air filters that are relatively inexpensive. If you're not keen on the cleaning process, you can easily replace them. However, for those who value frugality and wish to maximize the use of their filters, cleaning is a straightforward task.



Understanding the Air Filter


You'll typically find two pieces featured on the air filters on your mower: pre-filter and main filter.


The pre-filter is the foam piece on the outside of your air filter. Its primary role is to keep dust out of the main filter. Over time, this foam can accumulate a significant amount of dust, as evident when you squeeze it.


The main filter is located underneath the pre-filter and is usually made of paper. It's crucial for ensuring clean air enters your mower's engine.




Cleaning Your Filters


Before you can clean your air filter, you will first need to remove it from your machine and disassemble it. To disassemble, begin by gently taking off the foam pre-filter to reveal the main filter. You'll likely notice a significant amount of dust falling out, especially if it hasn't been cleaned in a while. Tap the pre-filter gently on a table or hard surface to dislodge a majority of the debris.


For the main paper filter, use compressed air to blow out the dust. Remember to hold the can of compressed air a safe distance away from the main filter to avoid damaging its fins. For the foam pre-filter, you can get closer without causing damage.


If you've tried the tapping and compressed air methods and are still not satisfied with how clean the filters are, you can wash the foam pre-filter with soap and water. Ensure it's thoroughly dried before reinstalling. Remember to always avoid using chemicals like brake cleaner or carb cleaner on the filters. These products can cause the materials to deteriorate, especially the foam. 


Regularly check and clean your filters. Remember, clean air is vital for your mower's engine to function efficiently and cool itself.





And that’s it! You've now learned how to efficiently clean your lawn mower's air filters. Regular maintenance ensures your mower runs smoothly, offering you a hassle-free mowing experience. If you have questions about any of the steps outlined above or are more of a visual learner, head over to our YouTube channel and watch our step-by-step video (also attached below)! Leave a comment or question and receive a personal reply from Brent, our resident John Deere expert. Be sure to subscribe!