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How to Install a Deluxe Canopy with Fan onto a John Deere Z735M Zero-Turn Mower

How to Install a Deluxe Canopy with Fan onto a John Deere Z735M Zero-Turn Mower
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Part Number: BUC11046


Let’s face it. Mowing can be brutal when the hot summer sun is beating down on you all day, even on a machine as easy to use as a John Deere zero-turn mower. When you’re out in the heat, any relief is welcome. If this sounds familiar, we’ve got the perfect attachment for you.


The John Deere Deluxe Canopy comes with a built-in fan to cool you off and a sunshade to protect you from those harsh UV rays. Keep reading and we’ll tell you how can install it onto your John Deere Z735M and where you can pick one up today.


In this kit:

    - 2 shims
    - 2 large bolts, nuts, and washers
    - 3 U-bolts, nuts, and washers
    - 4 bolts, nuts, and washers (canopy)
    - Hard-top canopy
    - Mounting bracket
    - Wiring harness
    - Fan
    - Zip ties


Tools needed:

    - 28-mm ratchet and socket (OR 1 1/8-inch)
    - 28-mm wrench (OR 1 1/8-inch)
    - 9/16-inch socket
    - 18-mm ratchet and wrench
    - 17-mm socket
    - Impact drill
    - T25 head screwdriver (star head)
    - Flathead screwdriver





ROPS Preparation


Prior to installing the Deluxe Canopy or Sunshade with Fan onto your Z735M zero-turn mower, you will first need to prepare the Rollover Protection Structure (ROPS) at the back so they will be able to support the heavy hard-top canopy or sunshade attachment.


To do this, start by removing the cotters and pins and allowing them to hang out of the way. These can be found on each of the ROPS mounting brackets on either side of the structure.





Once the cotters and pins are removed, slide the shims in the small spaces between the ROPS bars and the ROPS mounting brackets on the inside of the structure, as shown. Make sure the broader end of the shim is inserted first and keep sliding until the holes line up with those on the ROPS mounting bracket, as shown here. TIP: due to paint on both the shim and ROPS, there may be some resistance when attempting this step; we recommend using a non-dead-blow hammer, or rubber mallet, to lightly tap the shim into place.





Next, place the washers included in the kit onto the large bolts and insert them through the shims and ROPS mounting bracket using the bottom hole, or the one closest to the mower seat, then twist the bolts onto the back of each bolt. Now run the cotters removed earlier through the remaining hole on the shims and ROPS mounting brackets, or the one closest the rear of the mower. Once the cotters are in place, insert the pin through the other end to lock it in place.


Lastly, tighten the nuts down onto the bolts using either a 28-mm ratchet, socket, and wrench, or a 1 1/8-inch ratchet, socket, and wrench. Either size will work for this project. Ensure the bolts are tightly secured, then move on to the canopy or sunshade installation.





Canopy or Sunshade


First, locate the large, black deluxe canopy mounting bracket and U-bolts. Then hold the mounting bracket flush along the top bar of the ROPS so that the open side is facing the front of the mower and the short, flat side is facing downwards, as shown. Slide the U-bolts onto the ROPS so that they loop around the top bar and the ends stick through the holes on the mounting bracket. Then slip the washers and nuts onto the exposed ends of the U-bolts and tighten the nuts down using a 9/16-inch socket and impact drill, as shown.





For the next step, we recommend one or more persons be present to assist (don’t be like Brent shown here). First, raise the canopy or sunshade so it is positioned over the mounting bracket as shown. The underside of the canopy or sunshade will have a bracket of its own (not shown here) that should be lined up with the three holes on either side of the black mounting bracket you just installed. Once the canopy or sunshade is properly in place, run four bolts through the two holes on each end of the large, black mounting bracket and twist the nuts onto the back of the bolts. Secure the nuts using an 18-mm wrench, ratchet, and 17-mm socket.





The Fan


To install the fan, you will need to connect the wiring harness included in your kit to the canopy or sunshade. To begin, first insert the single, orange end of the wiring harness into the gray plug located on the underside of the canopy or sunshade, as shown.





Next, use a T25 head, or star head, screwdriver to unscrew and remove the instrument panel where your speed and gear shifts are located, as shown. When doing this, notice the instrument panel is connected by wires and only lifts out partially leaving limited space to work. Because of this, you will have to set the instrument panel aside as much as possible and work with the space available.





Now slide the open ends of the wiring harness down into the space between the seat and the control panel, as shown. You will feel a hole along the side of the wall there where you can insert the wiring harness and run it up through the control panel and out of the exposed hole at the top where the instrument panel was just removed.





Once that’s done, use pliers to loosen the knob of the key switch on the instrument panel. When loosened, twist off the washer and set it aside, then remove the key switch and use a flathead screwdriver to remove the key switch wiring harness from the knob, set aside.





Next, plug the previous key switch wiring harness into the exposed female end of the canopy or sunshade fan wiring harness, and plug the male end of the fan wiring harness into the key knob or switch you set aside a moment ago. Put the wiring harness back inside and under the instrument panel and push the key switch knob back into place being sure to replace the washer before doing so. Replace the screws in the instrument panel to finish.


Once everything is installed and secure in place, test out the fan located underneath the canopy or sunshade by turning the mower on and flipping the on/off switch found on the fan itself.






And that’s it! You have now successfully installed a Deluxe Canopy with Fan onto a John Deere Z735M Zero-Turn Mower! If you have questions about any of the steps outlined above or are just more of a visual learner, head over to our YouTube channel and watch our step-by-step video (also attached below)! Leave a comment or question and receive a personal reply from Brent, our resident John Deere expert. Be sure to subscribe!