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How to Install a Front Jack Kit onto a John Deere Z735M Zero-Turn Mower

How to Install a Front Jack Kit onto a John Deere Z735M Zero-Turn Mower
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Easily lift your mower and perform any necessary maintenance as you go, wherever you are with The Front Jack Kit. This easy to both use and install attachment is sure to make an impact and quickly become one of your favorite and most useful tools in your collection.


Keep reading and we’ll tell you how to install the Front Jack Kit attachment on a John Deere Z735M and where you can pick the jack up for yourself today.


In this kit:

    - Jack
    - Mounting bracket
    - Mounting pin
    - Hazard Notice decal
    - 4 carriage-head bolts
    - 4 lock nuts


Tools needed:

    - 16-mm socket
    - Ratchet
    - Impact drill





Mounting bracket

Before you can mount the Front Jack Kit, remove the foot platform for easier access to the four holes along the bottom frame. Two holes are necessary for mounting the front jack.


Next, position the mounting bracket flush against the bottom frame where the holes are located so that the c-channel holes on the bracket line up with the round holes located on the mower frame. For the Front Jack Kit attachment, use the first and third holes from the left when you are facing the mower. When the mounting bracket is positioned properly, the long flat portion of the mounting bracket will be parallel to the ground and the tubular portion will be on top and facing away from the mower.



Once in place, secure the mounting bracket by threading two carriage head bolts through the front holes on both the mounting bracket and the mower frame, then twist the lock nuts onto the back of the bolts by hand. Use the remaining two carriage head bolts and lock nuts to secure the bottom of the mounting bracket to the frame using the holes on the bottom of each, shown here.



Tighten and secure the lock nuts using a 15-mm socket and impact drill for the front two and a 15-mm socket and ratchet for the bottom. Before moving onto the next step, apply the Hazard Notice decal onto the long, flat portion of the mounting bracket mentioned above, as shown.




Front Jack

Prior to installing the jack onto the mounting bracket, secure the mounting pin to the mounting bracket by looping the pin’s key ring onto the small hole at the top of the bracket, like shown. This will prevent you from losing the pin when the jack is not in use.


Next, slide the tubular portion of the jack onto the mounting bracket and align the holes on each to allow the mounting pin to slip through easily and secure the connection between the two. Once the mounting pin is securely in place, spin the lever on the jack counterclockwise to raise the mower and clockwise to lower the mower. The Front Jack Kit attachment has a 3,000-pound weight capacity. The John Deere Z735M weighs in at 950 pounds.



When mowing, ensure the jack is safely out of the way by either removing the pin and detaching it entirely, or by repositioning the jack and placing the pin so the jack lays horizontally rather than vertically, as shown. If you decide to position the jack on its side to keep it with you as you mow, be sure to position the lever on the jack so it is out of the way of the front caster wheels.




And that’s it! You have now successfully installed a Front Jack Kit onto a John Deere Z735M Zero-Turn Mower! If you have questions about any of the steps outlined above or are just more of a visual learner, head over to our YouTube channel and watch our step-by-step video (also attached below)! Leave a comment or question and receive a personal reply from Brent, our resident John Deere expert. Be sure to subscribe!