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How to Install a John Deere Mulch Plug

How to Install a John Deere Mulch Plug
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Part No. GY00115


Great for yard clean-up, mulching leaves, etc., a John Deere Mulch Plug can help make even the most tedious lawn tasks simpler. With a quick, easy, and toolless installation, you can be well on your way to having a lawn that’s the envy of the neighborhood.


Today, we’re going to be telling you about the John Deere Mulch Plug, Part No. GY00115. Keep reading to learn how to install this mulch plug.



Inside the box, you’ll find the plug itself and the instruction manual. The “plug” is more of a cover and will be installed onto your mower deck under the shoot. If you plan to use this all the time and won’t be taking it on and off, you can remove the shoot entirely prior to install by removing the two nuts located on the top. That being said, the plug can still be easily installed with the shoot attached.



To begin install, locate the grooves and the notch along the side of the plug like shown below. To ensure the best fit, line the grooves up with the lip of the deck and slide the notch onto the wall along the backside of the deck opening.



Next, find the two straps on each end of the mulch plug and use these to complete install. These straps have clips that will be mounted to two locations on the front and back of the deck. Attach the front clip to a hole located on the gauge wheel and the back clip to a hole found along the bottom and towards the back of the deck, as shown below. If needed, you can add more pressure and a more secure hold by twisting the back strap before clipping.



Now simply lower your shoot and check out your work. You’ve successfully installed your John Deere Mulch Plug!


The plug mentioned above will give you the mulch you want with relatively little stress, but there are other options out there. Some mulch plugs will mount underneath the deck rather than onto side. These have baffling systems that close off the deck and produce a finer mulch.


The one above offers a quicker and easier alternative to these plugs but be sure to explore your options to know which option is best for you, your lawn, and your mower.



And that’s it! You have now successfully installed your John Deere Mulch Plug onto your mower! If you have questions about any of the steps outlined above or are just more of a visual learner, head over to our YouTube channel and watch our step-by-step video (also attached below)! Leave a comment or question and receive a personal reply from Brent, our resident John Deere expert. Be sure to subscribe!


Interested? Purchase this attachment here: https://247parts.com/GY00115