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How to Install an In-Cab Air Filters on John Deere 333G Skid Steers

How to Install an In-Cab Air Filters on John Deere 333G Skid Steers
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Air filters in your skid steer cab help to improve on air quality, airflow, and the efficiency of your air conditioner as well. And due to the work environment, these machines are often in, they can get saturated with dirt and minerals quickly. So it’s important to closely monitor and change these filters regularly.


Dirty air filters can cause your air conditioner to work overtime to produce any airflow and cool the air. Consequently, your machine will be working overtime as well, which will then cut down on your fuel efficiency.



What you’ll need:


    - Air Filter – Part No. AT441536
    - Air Filter – Part No. AT359416




Place your seat all the way down in order to reach the air filter panel located just behind the seat back, as shown here. Once the panel is located, unscrew the knobs on each side to reveal the air filters.



Underneath the panel, you will find two used air filters (see above)—remove these for later disposal. On the shorter of the two, you will need to detach the bracket that is fitted around the filter before setting aside. Place this bracket on the new filter you are about to install.



After placing the bracket, take your two new filters and install them in their designated slots on the machine, as shown. Now, simply reinstall the air filter panel and secure it by screwing on the knobs.




And that’s it! You’ve now successfully installed an in-cab air filters onto your John Deere 333G Skid Steer! If you have questions about any of the steps outlined above, or are just more of a visual learner, head over and subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch our step-by-step video (also attached below)! Be sure to leave a comment with your questions to receive a personal reply from Brent himself, our resident YouTube John Deere expert.