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How to Use a John Deere Touch-Up Paint Pen to Restore John Deere Mowers & Gators

How to Use a John Deere Touch-Up Paint Pen to Restore John Deere Mowers & Gators
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Part Number TY26019


Restore your John Deere Mower and Gator at home starting with this simple tool.





Whether it’s due to wear and tear from extended use or environmental mishaps, all machines will eventually begin to show their age. And just like a responsible John Deere owner looks after operational parts such as their engine, wheels, and blades, one should also attend to the exterior and appearance of the machine as well. A little tender love and care can go a long way in keeping any machine both looking and riding like a dream.


Here, we’ll explain how you can easily touch-up your machine's iconic John Deere Green paint job. Keep reading to learn more about this simple DIY project.


What you’ll need:


    - Pressure washer
    - John Deere Green Touch-Up Pen
    - All-purpose cleaner
    - Shop towels


Prepping the machine


Before you begin, you will want to prep the mower by washing and clearing away any dirt or debris that would cause an imperfect paint application.


First, use a pressure washer (or whatever you have on hand) to clean the entire machine. Areas with scratches or cracks may require further attention to remove all debris. On these areas, use an all-purpose cleaner (like this one from John Deere) and a shop towel or rag for a thorough clean since you will likely be touching up with your paint pen.


Next, you should scrape away any rust and smooth out the surface of the touch-up areas on your machine. You can do this by using the sandstone conveniently located on the cap of your John Deere Touch-Up Pen (see above) or by using sanding paper (Tip: you may want to clean the surface of these areas again using your all-purpose cleaner to remove any dust that may have accumulated during the sanding process).


Touching up your machine


Now that your surfaces are cleaned and sanded, everything should be ready and prepped for painting.


The touch-up pen is very easy to use. Simply remove the cap and press the applicator tip onto the surface of the machine where it may need some TLC. When pressed down, notice the tip goes in and paint slowly releases down around the applicator tip to allow for precise and easy application.



You also have the option to use a brush to apply the paint rather than the applicator tip. The brush is what Brent is shown using below. To access the brush, unscrew the black section (see above) of the pen to reveal both the brush and the paint inside the tube. Some may prefer this method as it allows for more paint to be used at a time and possibly a quicker application process (Tip: application can be messier when using the brush, so take your time and don’t rush when painting for the best outcome).



And that’s it! Your mower or gator is now one step closer to once again looking shiny and new thanks to the John Deere Green Touch-Up Pen. Whether using the applicator tip or the brush, you can use this touch-up pen to improve the appearance of any scrape, crack, or scratch on your machine and keep it looking its best.

To purchase this pen and other John Deere touch-up and repair items, visit 247parts.com where you’ll find tools for everything from ag and turf to compact construction equipment.



If you have questions about any of the steps outlined above or are just more of a visual learner, head over and subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch our step-by-step video (also attached below)! Be sure to leave a comment with your questions to receive a personal reply from Brent himself, our resident YouTube John Deere expert.