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John Deere 3038E Loader: Understanding ALL Grease Points

John Deere 3038E Loader: Understanding ALL Grease Points
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Maintaining your John Deere 3038E is crucial for optimal performance, and that means getting down to the nitty-gritty of grease points. If you've got your hands on one of these versatile beasts, you know it likely comes with a front end loader, ready to tackle any task you throw at it. But to keep things running like a well-oiled machine, you've got to know where to apply the grease. So, let's break down these points, ensuring your loader operates smoothly day in and day out.





All About Loader Grease Points


On the front end loader of the John Deere 3038E, there are 12 grease points to keep an eye on, with six on each side. These are critical pivot points where friction is your worst enemy. Here’s a quick rundown:


Near the operator station: Look for a grease point each at the arm connections.

The mid knuckle: Two grease points where the real bending happens.

Where the bucket meets loader: Two more points ensuring your bucket tilt and lift are slicker than a whistle.






Front Axle Grease Points


Leaving the loader behind, the front axle has two main grease points on the right-hand side, nestled at the trunnion. It's this spot that gives the axle its flex, contributing to a smoother ride across rugged terrain. Remember, some grease points might be playing hide and seek under little black rubber covers, so don't be fooled—give them a peek and a poke with the grease gun.






Three-Point Hitch Grease Point


The final grease point is a bit of a lone ranger, located on the adjustable link of the 3-point hitch. Keeping this single point greased is a simple but vital task, ensuring the hitch operates without a hitch.






Grease Types and Recommendations


Now, for the golden question: What grease to use? While any grease might seem better than a dry joint, the John Deere SD polyurea or the John Deere HD lithium complex grease are your best bets. These blends are designed to withstand the rigors that a 3038E will face.






Regular greasing is the unsung hero of maintenance, preventing wear and tear on your 3038E. Armed with this guide, you can keep your loader, front axle, and three-point hitch in tip-top shape. And if you’re hungry for visuals, our linked video dives deeper into each point


If you have questions about any of the information above or are just more of a visual learner, head over to our YouTube channel and watch our video (also attached below)! Leave a comment or question and receive a personal reply from Brent, our resident John Deere expert. Be sure to subscribe and thanks for reading!