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2023 John Deere XUV 590E Gator Review & Walkaround

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In this video we go over the 2023 XUV590E before it makes its way out of the gator lineup moving into 2024. We show all of the in-cab controls and features and also how it differs from other similar models.

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0:00 - Introduction: Introduction to the John Deere XV 590E, mentioning it's being discontinued in 2024.
1:22 - Engine and Performance: Overview of the engine specifications, including power, speed, and transmission details.
2:45 - Cargo Bed and Capacity: Features of the cargo bed, including material, capacity, and customization options.
3:52 - Rear Features: Details about the rear suspension, differential lock, and towing capacity.
5:02 - Front Features and Dimensions: Description of the front features, headlight differences from the 590m model, and overall dimensions.
7:05 - Operators Station and Controls: Insight into the cabin, seating, dashboard display, and control features.
11:30 - Additional Features and Warranty: Discusses additional accessories, warranty information, and pricing discussions with dealers.

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