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Most Under-Considered & Over-Considered Things When Buying a Tractor - GUIDE FOR ALL COLORS

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The most under-considered and over-considered things when buying a subcompact tractor, compact tractor and utility tractor.

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Tractor Videos:
► John Deere 2025R Tractor Review and Walkaround - https://youtu.be/acso68XXHiU
► John Deere 1023E Subcompact Tractor Walkaround Overview - https://youtu.be/Wdasv4g-9nw
► John Deere 3043D Tractor Review and Walkaround - https://youtu.be/Whc5_vhaqtw
► Smart Connector Review and Demo - https://youtu.be/xBLVBXf7dFA
► How to Install TractorPlus Smart Connector - https://youtu.be/aBPQNJRSI8M
► How to Install Telescoping Arms - https://youtu.be/GE134CP5d1E

0:00 - Intro
0:17 - Explaining the Buyers Guide
0:53 - The Most Under Considered Things When Buying a Tractor
16:10 - The Most Over Considered Things When Buying a Tractor
23:38 - Outro

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